Tips from the Consultants – Crafting Perfect Communications for Change Management Initiatives

Effective communication is essential to a successful change management initiative in the workplace, but how exactly should you go about apprising stakeholders in different levels of the organization of all that is happening (and how it will affect them!)?  The International Association of Business Communicators approached our firm last month looking for someone to write an article for their CW Bulletin issue on the digital workforce.


As a consultant for a firm that specializes in change management specifically for the workplace, one of my favorite parts about my job is getting to develop the change management communications pieces for our clients, filling in their workforce on all the exciting things happening with their workplace initiatives and educating and reassuring them that the changes are in fact good, in spite of the negative reaction some employees and managers may initially have.

As such, I was very eager to contribute to their issue and offer what I hope you’ll feel are some salient tips on crafting perfect communications for your change management initiatives.

Should your organization choose to handle the development of the change management communications for your project in house, there are still a variety of ways that Stegmeier Consulting Group can help your leadership team with the initiative, allowing your team to shine throughout the organization.

SCG’s expertise in helping organizations overcome resistance to changes in the workplace has been sought by clients around the globe. We can help with:

  • Building and presenting the business case for essential changes
  • Educating leadership on the why and the how
  • Risk mitigation
  • Mobility assessment/preparedness
  • Pre-change surveys to establish baseline metrics, post-change surveys to gauge on-going concerns
  • Live or remote training for both timekeepers and staff, employees and managers
  • Interactive e-learning video solutions, branded with your firm’s logo, initiative, and green-screened with your physical work environment
  • Supplemental help with change communications pieces and strategy
  • On-going, remote consultation

Read the article in August’s IABC CW Bulletin:  Embracing Mobility: Using the digital workplace to reduce costs and improve workforce performance

We’d love to hear about the exciting changes you have planned for your workforce.  Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss how we can contribute to your success.

Matthew StegmeierMatthew Stegmeier is a consultant in change management with Stegmeier Consulting Group, and has been instrumental in applying the firm’s best practices and proprietary critical influence methodology to clients’ flex work, mobility, shared-space environments and other alternative workplace strategies. His experience prior to joining Stegmeier Consulting Group includes a background in human resource analytics, finance, and intellectual property protection. He completed his undergraduate studies at Miami University. He’s been interviewed about flex work by multiple media outlets including NBC News. Stegmeier is the co-author of the forthcoming book, “CAVE People in the Workplace: Managing Citizens Against Virtually Everything.”