The 4-day Workweek is Real … for employees at these companies

A 4-day — or compressed — workweek is offered as an option to at least some employees at 43% of companies, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. But only 10% of those companies make it available to all or most of their employees.


It’s a perk more likely to be found at small companies, 14% of which make it available to all or most of their workers, while only 5% of large companies do the same.

While the concept of a compressed workweek isn’t new — it’s been common among nurses and emergency medical personnel, for instance — it’s not the norm for most jobs….


Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight

Interested in a sure-fire way to attract and retain the best possible workers?  Ask yourself this: is your organization harnessing the power of flexible work arrangements?

We recently discussed that an organization’s flexibility with work schedules is one of the top factors that can lead to higher employee morale.  With a talented, more selective generation entering the workforce, offering an extra day off weekly or an ability to work from home when desired, will likely give your organization a recruiting edge over the competition.

Of course like with any change, a divergence from the traditional Monday through Friday, 9-5 work week will bring questions.  What day, or days, can we close early or give our employees off completely?  Who is the best fit for remote work?  How do we even decide which flexible working arrangements work best for us?

Fortunately, Stegmeier Consulting Group has the ability to answer these questions and more.  Utilizing our proprietary FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments we can help arm leaders with the ammunition needed to determine the most suitable candidates for working remotely or participating in a flexible working arrangement.  We can then help review and craft policies related to the program, as well as establish training for individuals new to remote work.  We also specialize in developing training for managers, who under these new circumstances, would have to learn to lead individuals they can no longer see in-person.

Stegmeier Consulting Group can assist with a wide range of challenges involved in implementing a workplace change initiative.  Contact us to find out how our services can help your organization.

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