Prince Tennis Moves Corporate Headquarters From New Jersey To Atlanta

Prince Tennis is back from bankruptcy and shifting its corporate headquarters from Bordentown, New Jersey to the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia.  The parent company, Prince Global Sports, is concurrently relocating its product research, development and player servicing activities to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, alongside the recently opened Prince Innovation […]



Stegmeier Consulting’s Take…

Moving from New Jersey to Georgia is a big change for Prince Tennis. The main issue they must face is retention of employees. When an organization moves that far, telework options must be available to allow workers to keep their jobs. To make a move like this an effective workplace change, it is essential to provide flexible work options to your employees and to make clear that they are still valued by your organization by preparing them for the change in workstyle.

With a move this drastic, employees must be informed of the changes to be made well ahead of time and provided with what they need to continue working. If employees feel that the organization has moved on without them, employee retention rate will suffer and workforce productivity will drop drastically. This is why proper communication and the availability of flexible work programs are absolutely crucial to the success of a workplace change initiative this large.

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