KPMG employees applaud the firm’s flexible hours and family-friendly policies


Mamta Soni still remembers the day last spring when she was trying to meet a work deadline before leaving on a four-week trip to India. That’s when her infant son started teething, got pink-eye and developed strep throat all at the same time.


After trying to juggle everything and realizing she couldn’t, she finally called her colleagues at KPMG’s Cleveland office and told them, “I know this needs to be done today, but I won’t be able to finish it. I just took my son to the doctor’s and I need to be home with him right now.”

When they agreed that she needed to stay with her baby and reassured her that they could finish the work without her, Soni said she got off the phone and thought, “I’m so happy I work here.”


Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Let’s talk numbers! Estimated costs of replacing an employee average out at 15-20% of their annual salary and some sources argue that when adding in indirect costs, total turnover costs end up being about 150% of annual salary.

KPMG is wise to offer their employees flexible hours and family-friendly policies. Not only will they have more loyal and happy employees,  their clients won’t be constantly met with a different lineup of consultants.

While some may argue that this flexibility is disruptive, it is clear that the long-term costs of lower loyalty and greater turnover far outweigh any short-term costs. How does your organization help lower turnover?

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