Implementing an Alternative Workplace Strategy: Our Interview With OfficeSpace


During any of these workplace initiatives, the people who are running it still have their day job so they still have all their day-to-day responsibilities, but they now have this huge dramatic change happening on top of it. That’s where we can help, we take some of that burden off their plate. 

Matthew Stegmeier was interviewed recently for an article on Alternative Workplace Strategies and how to ensure that they succeed. In his discussion with OfficeSpace, Matthew provided helpful tips for organizations undergoing their own workplace change initiatives. He talked about the current trends in workplace innovation and emphasized the importance of early action and preparedness in a change initiative or office relocation. Matthew also discussed the important role Stegmeier Consulting Group assumes during a change initiative. An alternative workplace strategy can be stressful and SCG can greatly reduce the burden on your organization.

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