IDCEC CEU – Ignoring Alternative Workplace Solutions: The Fast Track to 2nd Place

Due to consistent interest in the topic of alternative workplace solutions & request from the interior design community, Stegmeier Consulting Group is proud to announce an IDCEC-approved continuing education unit:

Ignoring Alternative Workplace Solutions: The Fast Track to 2nd Place


Despite the documented financial benefits of alternative workplace solutions, some organizations still resist considering such a dramatic change.

Smart companies have learned how to leverage flexible shared-space environments and workforce mobility to create a competitive advantage. AWS initiatives, if implemented appropriately, serve two broad corporate objectives: significantly reduce workplace costs; while substantially improving workforce performance. A delicate balance exists between these two often conflicting objectives that can derail the best of business cases for workplace change.

The session explores how to harness the advantages of a shared-space environment, leveraging generational differences to strengthen the financial case, and mitigating the business risks of workforce mobility.

If your design clients have been skeptical about exploring an AWS, this session may help you convince them otherwise and provide you with the ammunition to challenge the status quo.



+Define basic concepts of alternative workplace solutions

+Understand the influences shaping the need for AWS

+Identify risks that can impede the successful implementation of an AWS

+Address change management requirements for overcoming resistance to the chosen solution


+Sandy Crocker Hosfeld,  Workgroup Consultant & Diversity Specialist
+Matthew Stegmeier,  Workplace Change Management Consultant

Sandy Crocker Hosfeld is a Diversity Specialist and Workgroup Consultant based in Cleveland, Ohio.  She is an international speaker, workshop leader, facilitator, and presenter.  She has worked with architects and designers, as well as corporate clients, educational institutions, and non profit agencies of all sizes.  She has 26 years of experience in the office and workspace solution industry and 13 years of teaching experience.  She also facilitates workplace issue courses such as Emotional Intelligence, Resolving Conflict, and Effective Communication for Community Colleges in the Northeast Ohio area.

In the Interior Design and Architectural fields, she presents several CEU programs relating workplace design to Gender Differences, Cultural Differences and also Generational Differences.  She has completed extensive research in these diverse areas.

Ms. Crocker Hosfeld holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology, Diversity Management Specialization, from Cleveland State University in Cleveland, OH and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Kent State University in Kent, OH.  She is also DDI and DiSC certified.

Matthew Stegmeier is a consultant in workplace change management, and has been instrumental in applying Stegmeier Consulting Group’s best practices and proprietary critical influence methodology to clients’ mobility, flex work, shared-space environments and other alternative workplace strategies. He is the social media chair for Workplace Evolutionaries (WE), an IFMA community of practice focusing on the intersection of people and place.

Matthew is an IFMA Young Professional Member and a CoreNet Global Young Leader.  A graduate of the Richard T. Farmer School of Business at Miami University, his experience prior to joining Stegmeier Consulting Group includes a background in finance, human resource analytics and intellectual property protection.  He’s spoken about the ever-changing workplace at conferences ranging from WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference to IFMA World Workplace.

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