A Cool Place to Work: Employee Buy-in & Work-Life Balance

Forward-looking employers find success by maximizing employee buy-in and morale.

Matthew Stegmeier was recently interviewed about employee buy-in and work-life balance for an article appearing in the August 2012 edition of Research Magazine.

Like it or not, no workplace initiative is going to be successful without getting the majority of employees on board with the changes, and the truth is, most people have an inherent disinclination towards change.  Employers need to connect with their workforce and help them understand the business rationale for the changes and to help them see the positive side of the shift.


Furthermore, any workplace initiative is the perfect opportunity to strive towards offering your employees real work-life balance.  Not only is this good for your workforce’s physical and mental health, but it is a key ingredient to your organization’s bottom line.  The fact is, a burned out worker is going to care less about the quality of work they offer and will resent the organization, eventually looking elsewhere for employment.  Attaining a corporate culture that honestly respects employees isn’t always an easy task, but it is essential for talent attraction and retention!

Is your organization struggling in this area?  We’d love to hear from you as to what your biggest challenges are.  Check out the article and then get in touch with us!  We can help.


Matthew Stegmeier is a Consultant with Stegmeier Consulting Group, a globally-recognized leader in workplace change management known for helping organizations effectively implement telework programs and other alternative workplace strategies.

He has been instrumental in applying the firm’s best practices and proprietary Critical Influence methodology to clients’ mobility, flex work, shared-space environments, and other alternative workplace strategies. Matthew Stegmeier is a graduate of Miami University’s Richard T. Farmer School of Business and co-author of the forthcoming book, CAVE People in the Workplace: Managing Citizens Against Virtually Everything.