9 Things Successful People Do When Working From Home

I wrote the first draft of this column before 8 a.m. on a Sunday, working in my pajamas at the standing desk in my home office.

A new study says I have good company in that kind of work flexibility, and not just among entrepreneurs and those who work for themselves. Nearly one-third of full-time employees do most of their work in homes, coffee shops, and other remote places, according to the Flex+Strategy Group report.

After extensive study, here are the best ways I’ve learned to make this arrangement work….

Source: www.inc.com

Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

Let’s add #10: Own your remote job. Too often remote workers apologize and it is far from necessary. Successful remote workers take their work seriously and become experts in allocating resources- especially time! Workers that invest and allocate resources wisely are a great asset to any company, regardless of location.

For example: An hour-long morning commute could become 15 minutes spent mapping out the day’s work plan and 45 minutes of heads-down thinking work without the distraction of 8:00 AM emails from co-workers. Nobody loses!

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