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Here are five examples of companies that have built the business with a remote workforce:

Automattic Inc. (160 employees) provides blogging services mainly through WordPress. All Automattic employees work from wherever they want — home or office locations any where in the world. Once a year, the entire Automattic team gets together to brainstorm company strategy and enjoy each other’s company for a while…..

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Stegmeier Consulting’s Insight…

One of the biggest challenges we see many of our clients face in decentralizing the workforce/embracing telecommuting, is the need for managers to lead in new ways. Shifting from a line of sight management style to managing by results is a huge adjustment for most people.

All 5 of these are smaller organizations, which gives underperformers fewers places to hide, unlike at a big company where the success of some can more easily mask organizational issues.  If you’re responsible for the workplace of a more established company that is looking to change how work gets done, have you thought about what you’ll need to do to prepare your managers for this shift?

What other concerns do you have?

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