Get with the times! If you haven’t dusted off your flexible work standards in 15 years or if managers just aren’t on board with flexwork, we can help.

Offering a flexible work program is not only a way to allow your employees to become as productive as possible, but also a way for your organization to compete for top talent in your industry.

SCG’s approach to assisting organizations with flexwork programs, on-campus mobility, and unassigned seating begins with developing policies and guidelines to establish the program’s infrastructure. Included in this step is a process of reviewing, and modifying, existing flex-work or telework policies, as needed.

SCG then begins the process of creating communication materials to launch your program, cascading consistent messaging down through the various organizational levels.

To overcome any manager resistance that may arise to the new policies. SCG can incorporate into our customized manager training a module on their accountability in managing the performance of direct reports—regardless of where and when they work. Education to individual contributors can also be customized to train employees on new ways of working and how to be successful in a more mobile environment.


Let’s get started!

Ready to rollout or reignite your flexwork program?