Build excitement for the upcoming changes with events that engage your targeted population. Informative doesn’t have to be bland. Let’s create a positive buzz together!

SCG has a successful track record of planning and facilitating engaging employee and stakeholder events. Discovery fairs, workshops, town halls, and product showcases are just a few innovative ways we can team up with you to provide those most affected by your change an opportunity to self-discover the “why” of the change; and raise awareness as to how they can benefit from your next evolution.

Lean on SCG to deliver the ultimate attendee event experience. From idea to planning to implementation, our team is well-versed in aligning stakeholders, identifying key messaging, and ensuring thought-provoking activities and discussions take place. Attendees will emerge educated and energized, abuzz about the positives to come.

On-site events are also an ideal time to gather feedback from your workforce or affected audience. SCG is adept at building this data gathering component into the events we conduct and/or plan for our clients. Even if you’re at a point where a deviation from your change can’t be made, it is still immensely helpful to understand the concerns of those affected, allowing you to address these issues promptly.


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