Partners HealthCare – Development of Workplace Strategy & Change Management Planning

  • Partners HealthCare, the parent organization of Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, was spurred by healthcare reform and the need to operate as a leaner organization. Partners’ real estate goal involved consolidating administrative space and functions, and integrating lease expirations of 14 locations.
  • Partners sought to identify potential areas of resistance that the organization might face if it were to change the physical work environment. 
  • Stegmeier Consulting Group’s (SCG) services included strategic planning, workplace strategy development, and assessing the change readiness of the organization. Partners also relied on SCG to plan and facilitate a series of working sessions with the executive team to begin planning the future of the hospital system’s administrative (non-clinical) workspace.
  • Partners and SCG identified multiple crucial areas of resistance that were addressed throughout the course of the project, including:
      • Attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent
      • Employee demand for work-life balance
      • Accommodating the multi-generational workforce
      • The need to elevate leadership skills
      • Leadership were expected to have a bigger adjustment than staff

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