Northwestern Mutual – New Workplace Strategy: Testing & Feedback

  • In constructing the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons, Northwestern Mutual partnered with Stegmeier Consulting Group (SCG) to learn more about what its employees wanted from the future of their workplace, ensuring cultural alignment with the organization’s New Era Behaviors initiative.
  • A customized survey was designed by SCG and administered to 5,100 employees to gain insights on the current work environment and to assess workforce change readiness for new ways of working. 
  • SCG led focus groups to gather feedback from employees who were working in a ‘Living Lab,’ a section of a currently occupied building that had been made into a model of what Northwestern Mutual hoped to implement in the tower. Focus groups were also conducted to gather feedback from employees working in various pilot work environments.
  • Stegmeier’s consultants facilitated a Discovery & Applications™ Workshop, an executive-level working session. SCG presented its research findings on employees’ ability to embrace workplace change, weakest links in driving workplace change, key differences between failed and successful workplace strategy implementations, and best practices of exemplary organizations. The consultants presented the findings of all data-gathering activities conducted for Northwestern Mutual, and introduced “The Way We Work” (the Enterprise Stack Planning Team’s proposed workplace strategy recommendations).  SCG conducted anonymous polling, identifying the executives’ areas of concern. The consultants led an interactive dialogue, which resulted in gaining consensus from the senior leaders to move forward with the new workplace strategy.