NetApp – Office Standards Policy – Case Study

SCG was been engaged by NetApp’s Workplace Resources Group (WPR) in the Netherlands to develop a WPR Office Standards Policy which would provide the framework and parameters to determine the need for establishing a NetApp office at any location around the globe. The framework was designed to accomplish the overarching corporate real estate goal of reducing overcapacity, while aligning with NetApp’s objective to provide employees safe and productive workplace environments, conducive to collaboration.

The WPR Office Standards Policy is aligned with the company’s global real estate strategy and industry standards, providing guidance for cost optimization for all current and future NetApp offices throughout the world. It offers greater direction in identifying and delivering appropriate office space solutions, thereby fully deploying the organization’s real estate investment to support evolving business requirements.

SCG’s Scope of Work included developing and gaining consensus on NetApp-specific definitions for Desk Sharing Ratios, Mobile Workers, Virtual Workers, and Home Office Workers. The consultancy wrote the verbiage to provide guidance and ensure consistency in employees working with Serviced Office Providers to sublet space from a larger suite of offices that is leased by NetApp, On-Demand Office Arrangements, and Virtual Offices.

By benchmarking industry standards in corporate real estate and space allocation, SCG developed a policy that placed NetApp on the leading edge of office standards for the tech industry, positioning their 14,000 global employees for success at their world HQ in the Netherlands, at the US HQ in Sunnyvale, CA, and beyond.