Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board – Headquarters Relocation

  • The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), an organization with 105 employees, engaged Stegmeier Consulting Group (SCG) to begin examining how a proposed relocation from Alexandria, Virginia to Washington, D.C., where it would be closer to its customers, would affect employee attraction and retention.
  • In the process of exploring real estate options for its lease expiration, MSRB conducted an analysis of current and potential commute times for each staff member. The results of the study indicated a significant increase in commute times for some employees, and a split group of executives at MSRB debated whether the company needed to offer telecommuting as an option to its workforce. They quickly realized the significant resistance to change ahead and that they required specific expertise. SCG was recommended as the thought leader in workplace change management and developing corporate infrastructures to support new ways of working.
  • MSRB’s engagement with SCG focused on exploring the organization’s specific challenges related to the office relocation from Alexandria, Virginia to Washington, D.C. Stegmeier was responsible for identifying alternatives, facilitating discussions with the C-suite on the viability of the options, gaining consensus on next steps, and assisting executives at the senior level in determining external support requirements.
  • SCG’s change management tasks and deliverables included conducting a Discovery & Applications™ Workshop for MSRB’s executive team to understand what other similarly-challenged organizations are doing in this respect. SCG facilitated working sessions with the Employee Council to identify employee concerns about the relocation and the impact of the longer commute times on work-life balance.
  • Our team conducted anonymous one-on-one interviews with each employee to understand their intent to stay with MSRB as a result of the move, and to gauge their interest in telecommuting as a possible solution to avoiding longer commutes. Stegmeier conducted FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments for each employee interested in a work-from-home option to determine the most appropriate fits for remote work in terms of personal competencies, job tasks, and social requirements, as well as to assess leaders’ comfort level with having their direct reports telework and readiness for managing their direct reports in new ways.


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